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Designed and made to order in St Ives, Cornwall - open come rain, shine or finest Cornish Mist

Welcome to the world of Baltic amber (also known as succinite/organic fossil resin), hazelwood and crystals. Bizzie Bee Jewellery was established in 2014 and turned 8 years old in January this year. My jewellery is affectionately known as the 'Natural Little Revolution' that began as an answer to my daughters teething, reflux and eczema and has grown into something much much bigger.


All jewellery found here are my own designs and I make each in my workshop on the very edge of Cornwall in St Ives. They are designed for children right up to adults and made with specific ratios of hazelwood, Baltic amber (succinite/fossil resin) and specially chosen crystals. My reputation is built upon my designs and the results the jewellery has achieved (there are over 300 reviews on my Facebook page - detailing how the jewellery has met their own needs, symptoms, conditions and requirements).


All my jewellery is threaded onto triple strand nylon, knotted between beads {ensuring that if it were to break (with full tension applied, such as a fall etc) the knots between beads mean that only one bead would come free) and finished with a co-ordinating safety screw clasp. I carefully chose my own suppliers of 100% genuine Baltic amber, hazelwood and crystals which all come directly from the manufacturers at their country of origin.


For help in choosing which jewellery would be best for you or your child to suit your needs, please do contact me.

About me & why you can be confident in ordering

My reputation here is built upon a solid foundation of friendly and kind advice - attention to detail, love and care goes into everything I create. I really love to try and make a difference; however big or small to each person who receives a piece of my jewellery. I am honoured to be a part of their journey and am truly humbled by each message I receive.


I am an accredited Advanced Crystal & Energy Healer and Homeopath (please see my other website: Morva Holistic Healing). I am a registered associate of both the Royal Society of Medicine and the Complementary Medical Association. I am fully insured by both the Guild of Jewellery Designers and Westminster Insurance.


My family and I wear our own customised hazelwood, Baltic amber and crystal jewellery and find it perfect for our needs - such as helping our eczema, relieving our reflux, balancing out pesky hormones, helping us sleep better and that's just a little insight into what we use ours for!


I also have a blog page which follows the journey of our family through the ups and downs of teething, reflux and eczema - it can be found here: - it's got some great ideas for what the symptoms of each are and ideas to help with each!

*My original combination of necklace and anklet! Double length anklets can be very beneficial when helping certain needs/requirements as they cover double the surface area - for children and up to adult sizes!

*The 100% genuine Baltic amber (succinite/fossil resin) and hazelwood is strung onto nylon cord and finished with a colour co-ordinating plastic safety screw clasp which will break under tension for safety - the cord is knotted between each bead so if it was needed to snap only one bead would become loose

*There are so many combinations to choose from - please do get in touch for help in choosing

*To order, please follow this link: order

According to EU Toy safety regulations EN-71-1 our necklaces and anklets are not suitable to use as Toys for children under 36 months. Our necklaces, bracelets and anklets are not toys, please do not allow your children to play with or chew on them.  Please make sure that you remove jewellery before sleeping, or when unattended.  Our jewellery is designed to break under tension - but obviously we cannot be responsible for the wearing of the jewellery worn outside of our workshop (amount of tension applied - each child is different and so is their level of tension applied).  Please use common sense to minimise any potential risks of choking, catching on furniture etc.  If you choose to let your child under 36 months wear our jewellery this is based on parental choice.

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