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Frequently asked questions

Buzzing to ask a question? Please drop me a line if there’s anything you need to know. However, you may find the answer you’re looking for here…


How do I make sure my jewellery is the right size (adult sizing)?
I need an exact measurement to ensure it sits against your skin.
If you want a double length anklet, simply order a necklace (exact ankle circumference x 2 + 2cm)!

For necklaces - just measure a necklace you already have!
If you want an unusual size necklace that isn’t on the menu, please contact me.


How do I measure my child’s wrist or ankle?
Start by deciding two things: do you want single or double length, and with anklets, so you want it to sit above the sock or on the ankle bone?
Then, grab a tape measure and measure the exact circumference of the wrist or ankle, keeping the tape measure flat to the skin:
Single length: 1 x exact circumference plus 1.5cm
Double length: 2 x exact circumference plus 2cm


Do I go above or below the sockline?
This really depends on how your little one will be wearing their anklet: are they wearing it above their socks or are they a barefoot baby?

Please be aware that above-sockline anklets will slip down when their socks are off, such as during the night. A below-sockline anklet can be worn under the socks.


How do I measure my child for a necklace?
Get that tape measure out again! Measure your child’s neck circumference, but loosely – you should be able to easily fit the side width of two fingers between the tape and the neck. This means it isn’t too tight but won’t slip up over their chin and into their mouth. No tape measure? Don’t worry. Use a piece of string, mark the circumference on the string, then

measure that with a ruler.


How safe are the beads for my little one?

I use triple-strand nylon cord and plastic safety screw clasps for each child's anklet and necklace, and there is a knot in between every single bead. If the item were to break, only one bead would come free, preventing beads scattering everywhere. Really importantly, the knot inside the clasp is designed to pop through under pressure.


If the item does do this, I can mend it for you. Please contact me for a repair quote.


Can I get my jewellery extended as my child grows?
You certainly can! Please drop me a line and I’ll give you a quote for the work and the postage. You then post the item to me, I’ll add some lovely matching beads, then post it back to you.


My jewellery has broken – do you offer a repair service?
Yes, I do. Please contact me, and I’ll give you a quote for repair and postage. Then it’s simply a case of posting the item to me, I’ll repair it, then send it back.


When will my hazelwood need renewing?
Everyone’s skin reacts slightly differently to hazelwood, and it lasts longer worn by some people than others. The best thing to do is keep an eye on your hazelwood jewellery. It’s quite clear when it needs changing, as the wood darkens, and a distinctive black ring forms on the outside edge. When it’s time to renew yours, please contact me for a price. If the hazelwood is for a growing little one, I can lengthen the piece at the same time.


Is everything made to order?
Yes, it is. Unlike many other online sellers, I don’t hold any pre-made stock, making sure that each piece is unique for its wearer; and also to ensure the quality and safety of the stringing.


Do you offer refunds and replacements?
Because everything is made to order, I can’t offer refunds or replacements if customers change their minds about their jewellery. Please make sure the measurements are correct and that you’re happy with the design before I go ahead and make it.


When will I receive my jewellery?
Because I make everything to order, the turnaround time varies, depending on how “Bizzie” I am! When you place an order, you’ll get an email letting you know when I’ll be working on it, and when it will go in the post. Generally, it takes between five days and two weeks.


How will I receive my jewellery?

I’ll send your jewellery via Royal Mail first class post. I have proof of postage for each parcel, and you’ll need to sign for it on delivery. Postage and packing is charged at £3.00 per item. To find out more about the Royal Mail’s service and terms and conditions, please see their website. Bizzie Bee can’t be held responsible for any late or missing deliveries. If you’re outside the UK, please contact me to discuss postage (I regularly post overseas, and there are a few options we can look at).

How is it packaged?
Each item is packed in a protective bubble-lined envelope. I aim to re-use packaging wherever possible – and please re-use your Bizzie Bee packaging if you can! Your jewellery will be wrapped in a lovely stripey paper bag complete with a jewellery care advice note; detailing the best way to look after your new beads. 


What woods and crystals are best for me?
Everyone is different. Please drop me a line to discuss your needs, and I will come up with the best combination for you.


Do you keep my details?
I keep your details securely in line with the new General Data Protection Regulations. I don’t share your data with any other business, and keep it purely to be a handy reference point in regards to your order.


Disclaimer - safety of jewellery for children:

According to EU Toy safety regulations EN-71-1 our necklaces and anklets are not suitable to use as Toys for children under 36 months. Our necklaces, bracelets and anklets are not toys, please do not allow your children to play with or chew on them.  Please make sure that you remove jewellery before sleeping, or when unattended.  Our jewellery is designed to break under tension - but obviously we cannot be responsible for the wearing of the jewellery worn outside of our workshop (amount of tension applied - each child is different and so is their level of tension applied).  Please use common sense to minimise any potential risks of choking, catching on furniture etc.  If you choose to let your child under 36 months wear our jewellery this is based on parental choice.

For my complete 'Terms and Conditions' for details on placing an order, our alterations and refunds policy, postage and delivery times etc please click the link. Or see our 'FAQ' page for general information.

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