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Crystals, Baltic amber and Hazelwood

There are literally hundreds of crystals out in the World.  I am happy to chat about them all day long; but if you would rather have a little read to begin with - do have a look at some of the following:


Here are some links (not sponsored or affilliated by me) to help you find out more about the history and uses for Baltic amber, hazelwood and crystals:


Baltic amber: (page in Canada)

Hazelwood: (page in Canada)

Crystals: (page in USA)


Baltic amber: The Baltic amber I use is 100% genuine and comes from Eastern Europe. It is thought to contain succinic acid. Baltic amber is also known as succinite or organic fossil resin and comes only from regions of North Eastern Europe; found within prehistoric pine trees along the coastal floorbed dating back to over 44 milion years ago!. Other amber is found in different parts of the World - but only Baltic amber contains high levels of succinic acid which is said to be natures pain reliever! This is why I only use Baltic amber (succinite/fossil resin) in my jewellery; to ensure the best results from it


Hazelwood: The hazelwood I use is organically grown in Canada - it is an absorbent alkaline softwood and has many uses for acidic conditions


Crystals: Nearly all crystals are naturally formed deep underground - they are formed from specific minerals and sometimes combinations.  Inside each crystal there is a unique structure which is believed to recalibrate energy imbalances


Every unique piece of jewellery is made for each person using a combination of crystals that are chosen to match their individual needs, beliefs and lifestyles.  Customised jewellery includes consultation via email where I look in depth at each of your requests for your jewellery and help you choose the best crystal combination for your needs.


Please note that crystals are a complementary therapy and are not a replacement for medical advice.


According to EU Toy safety regulations EN-71-1 our necklaces and anklets are not suitable to use as Toys for children under 36 months. Our necklaces, bracelets and anklets are not toys, please do not allow your children to play with or chew on them.  Please make sure that you remove jewellery before sleeping, or when unattended.  We have strength tested our jewellery in-house and know that is will break when tension is applied - but obviously we cannot be responsible for the wearing of the jewellery worn outside of our workshop (amount of tension applied - each child is different and so is their level of tension applied).  Please use common sense to minimise any potential risks of choking, catching on furniture etc.


For my complete 'Terms and Conditions' for details on placing an order, our alterations and refunds policy, postage and delivery times etc please click the link. Or see our 'FAQ' page for general information.

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